Hi! I'm Jaime Incontro, owner and photographer for Purple Sky Productions. We've been in business for 15 years (WOW – am I that old?!) When I first started photography, I really just enjoyed the process of taking pictures. I started in film (remember that stuff??) and enjoyed making prints in a darkroom and watching the images develop before my eyes. It was magic!

Now I realize the magic is capturing a moment in time – that's something we can never get back. I have the honor of recording a visual history of families and relationships, emotions and precious seconds of people's lives. I love photography because all those portraits take me back to the instant they were taken. They make me cry, smile, laugh and roll my eyes! These images of my clients make a wave of emotions wash over me, and they aren't even images of my own family! It makes me think about just how important photographs are in our lives. I want to be able to remember all those moments. I want to someday be remembered; to leave a legacy. And the only way to ensure those memories are not forgotten is to have portraits made.